Making the Heart Connection

Buddhists have always grappled with the same issue—how can we make a heart connection with the teachings, practices, and lineage so that we move beyond mere intellectual knowledge of the sacred dharma and embody it in our very being.In a way, everything we have undertaken—refuge vows, paramita practices, guru yoga—represents the tradition’s accumulated skillful methods for helping us accomplish this. But Westerners born in modern times often experience particular obstacles to connecting with these practices.

One Buddhist teacher who has spent years exploring issues like merit, blessings, samaya and devotion is Lama Shenpen Hookham. In her book Waiting for the Dalai Lama & other storiesshe shares her insights into these very issues in a direct and personal way. This book is the basis for discussion for this 4 week series of classes.

This series is free to 108 Pillar members otherwise there is a suggested donation of $30 for the series. The class is repeated twice each week, so students may opt to join whichever day is convenient or they may join both sessions.